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CLC World Birmingham – Free Sunscapes Holidays

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Free holidays |

Looking at a Gift Horse in the Mouth

We often get offers from free holidays, for reviews, offers and deals for our readers. We also get readers sending us information on deals that they get offered. One of these “free deals” was from a company called Sunscapes.

The holiday was a 7 day holiday of a family in a resort in Tenerife, Spain, Turkey or Orlando. The reader is worried about any catches.
We looked at the the website, promoted under the banner of Your West End Experience, and we think its worth a look. The company is CLC World which is traditional a property and fractional property ownership company.

CLC World Centre in Birmingham is where Midlands residents are invited to pick up their free gift and holiday.

So what is the catch?

We looked at many positive and negative Tripadvisor reviews we found and generally the catch is this:

CLC invite you to a presentation, which varies from 90 minutes to a couple of hours, and for attending the presentation, they give you the holiday voucher and free gift, typically between 50 to 75 quid to spend in shops.

The presentation is about their members club which they try and sell you into. However, from what I have read online, there isnt a hard sell, more of a visual demo and a chat, and you grab your free gift, holiday voucher and off you go.

If you want to buy, then go for it, if you dont, there is no harm in sitting through an hour for 75 quid and a free family holiday…

Top 5 European Beaches You Must Visit This Summer!

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Best Summer Trips, Europe Best Places, Top Beaches |

Are you prepared to discover some of the most amazing beaches in Europe?  If so, read on, since you will find out where in the best beaches are in Europe not only for relaxation, but also for partying or just for enjoying that lovely sunset.  Enjoy in this trip as it takes you across different countries, only make sure you bring your sunglasses and your sunscreen, as you will most certainly need them!

So let’s begin!  Top five best European beaches, all which are amazing, in no particular order, here they are, heavenly and awe-inspiring, purely majestic!

  1. Tenby Harbour Beach, Tenby, Pembrokshire, UK

harbNot a lot of people outside of the UK have heard about this lovely beach, which resides in a corner between the old medieval town and a castle hill.  This sandy beach will surely steal away your heart, with its picturesque position.  Also, you can hire a boat and sail to Caldey Island.

  1. Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac, Croatia

bracThis golden beach, as it name says it is truly golden.  Zlatni rat translates from Croatian as Golden Horn.  It is located about 2 km west from the town of Bol, on the coast of the Croatian Mediterranean island named Brac. As if Brac wouldn’t be lovely even without it, this truly magical and majestic island has Zlatni Rat to boast with.

Watch Europe's best summer destinations

  1. Isola Bella Beach, Taormina Messina, Italy

atahotel-capotaormina-taormina-messina_190120101808076831If you want to see sandy or pebble beaches, and access them by a car or shuttle bus, you should definitely visit Taormina.  It’s picturesque bays, brought grottoes and rocky coves, we’ll take your breath away.

  1. Los Canos de Meca Beach, Cadiz, Spain

catedralcadizAre you a nudist?  If you why are you will be amazed by this beach which is located on the sandy area which overlooks mesmerizing, your water.  Also, you will get the chance to take up and practice some of many marine sports.  The unique location of this beach will allow you to see the very end of European soil how it meets the most amazing water.  This truly is a place where you can relax and enjoy, and it will certainly make you appreciate the life itself.

  1. Egremini Beach, Lefkas, Greece

ioniennes12This remote beach is located on the southwestern coast of Lefkada, a beautiful the Ionean island.  This Greek island is a true pearl in the Ionian Sea.  This remote beach is one of many tourist destinations which will allow you to enjoy Greece and its amazing beauties.

On this beach, not only you will get a chance to relax, but you will also enjoy some of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen in your life.

It is no wonder that suits the creation of a sealed road during the mid-1990s, this remote beach has become one of the main tourist attractions on the island.